Yes. At the beginning of 2024, I decided to start a blog. On the one hand, this is indeed weird, but on the other hand, it feels like the best time.

Important Disclaimer: I am a non-divergent person with severe dyslexia. If you see grammatical errors or typos in the text, just scroll further. The only comments that are important to me are about fact-checking.

In this first post, I want to talk about my “why”. I will also make some plans on how I will work with this new communication tool for me.

As you may know, this ” why ” concept is famous thanks to Simon Sinek and is also widely practised in artistic circles. Deep down, I always knew why I do everything the way I do, but I only managed to find the right words at the end of 2023. Apparently, that's why I have a blog now. So…:

Not everything and everything always has to be serious

These simple words were not easy to write. However, they fully describe me as a person, my artistic style and my small Youneedpotato communications bureau. Once the abstract took shape, discussing myself, my work, and, most importantly, introducing myself to new people became easy. My ”why” has given me the incredible gift of self-confidence. It is a fantastic feeling, and life without it is full of troubles.

My “why” does not deny the existence of seriousness and the importance of talking about it, but it does imply that there are other paths beyond seriousness.

So now you know ”why”, and let’s talk about the ”what”.

In this blog, I will talk about different things: a lot about myself, my work, the importance of visual communication for business, and the importance of supporting small businesses, especially creative ones. Sometimes, I will be a bit bitter (sceptical) about some tools, apps, and sometimes I willbe very happy about some tools and apps. I will also invite various illustrators, artists and designers here. I probably will even try video but in time.

This will be a very cosy blog, probably a little silly and genuinely truthful.

Stay tuned. Sincerely yours, Potato.
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